Getting up at 5.30 am on a Sunday morning when I'm not working is not my idea of fun, however after a long drive (over 3 hours) what followed was.

Sensei Rick Roberts assisted by Sensei Wayne Mellor took a group of 15 of us through Itsutsu no tachi kata from the tenshin shodan katori Shinto ryu school.

Confusion, awareness and more confusion followed over the next few hours as we tried to follow the patterns played out by our two experienced instructors.

Bokken cuts right, foot movements wrong, try to correct, get the bokken cut wrong etc.

Finally we all had a rough idea of the movements that we should be doing and we managed what was in my opinion after a days worth of practise, a passible attempt at the kata (both sensei's might disagree).

I had a great time and judging by the reactions everyone else did as well, we agreed it would be good to do more of the same sometime soon.

Many thanks to both instructors and anyone else who helped put the day together.

I could do without the aching the next day as a result of using different from usual muscle groups and sitting in the car for another 3+ hours but it was totally worth it