Universal Laws

To understand KyuShinDo is to understand Universal laws and the principles which make up those laws. Nature has its way to balance all things, which is transpired in circles and spirals which are constantly changing.

Things which we call permanent monuments are never the same from one fraction of time to the next, as nature has its way to change all things, whether they be rocks, mountains, seas or buildings. They all react differently from one second to the next. Even man himself.

You create your own world within yourself, you are the master of that world, just as the universe is the master of all things good, bad or indifferent. You are what you make yourself in time.

Everyone of us have the power within ourselves to do, or be whatever we choose to be. We are guided by masters with superior Wisdom and knowledge, which manifest into our techniques. If we were to demonstrate a certain technique ten times over, we would in effect be demonstrating ten different techniques, but never two exactly the same. Universal laws and the principle of motion dictate that this is not possible in the human being. No more than the perfect technique.

We can only strive to attain what we believe to be right in the little time allowed us on this earth, universal law dictates when you are born, and equally, when life is taken from you.

Motion gives us life and motion takes it away, it gives us the past, present and the future, what happened a second ago has become the past, the present is now, and in a seconds time we will be in the future. Whether what the self does will be right or wrong, will be determined in the future according to universal law.

For man to fulfil his full potential, he is firstly taught by his superiors the basic fundamentals of his chosen vocation, whether that be business or martial arts, he is being shown the "Way". How he chooses to understand the significance of this guidance, is entirely up to him. If he chooses to dedicate him­ self to being near perfect, all well and good, but that is dictated by universal law and self determination.

We all have the ability to progress, and become a better person for our efforts. The ultimate aim of KyuShinDo is to be in harmony with ones self and those around us, and help to make the world a much better place in which to live.

We can only strive to attain what we believe to be right in the little time allowed us on this earth.

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