Who are the Tokushima Budo Council

Primarily the Tokushima Budo Council International is a teaching organisation set up for the preservation of the philosophical and spiritualistic concepts of the Classical Arts of Japan, to be achieved by following and forwarding the principles of KyuShinDo, first outlined by Kenshiro Abbe Docho.

It is the specific aim of the Tokushima Budo Council International to help and guide each and every student along the path, the path of self enlightenment. We all should strive to realise our maximum potential in all things and one medium through which this can be achieved totally, is through the correct study of Martial Arts. Those that understand, know that, what you can learn through the correct study of Martial Arts, is only a mirror of life itself.

Highlights from recent events



Director Of JuJitsu sensi Wayne MellorDirector of Jujitsu
Wayne Mellor Rokudan Kyoshi

Jujutsu is not a way of harmony, nor is it a way of flexibility. It is a way of war, it has no rules, no Queensbury governing body, and its purpose was to defeat at all costs.

The skilled Bushi by necessity had to be able to defend themselves in any confrontation no matter the combination of weapons involved


sensi Vince Thompson 8th Dan
Director Of Aikido
Vince Thompson 8th Dan

Morihei Ueshiba believed that a less martial approach to self defence was more beneficial to personal development, blending with an attacker rather than meeting force with force, became a very powerful defence when combined with a technique.


Director Of Judo sensi John Snaith
Director Of Judo
John Snaith Rokudan Kyoshi

The term Judo has been around for a long time, as far back as the Edo period which ran from 1603 to 1867. The term Judo at this time had closer association with the Art of Jujutsu as opposed to the judo form we tend to associate with today.

Joining the association

If you have a club and you wish to join the TBCI then that of course is possible. We accept all styles and disciplines provided of course they are Japanese in origin. You can contact the office at the Honbu via the contact us section, or alternatively, contact the closest regional director to your club. We will then make arrangements to talk with you, preferably on a club night.

We will of course talk about your needs and how you see your club development. From these discussions you will get to know a lot more about what we do and get a better idea if we are the organisation for your club. Once accepted into the TBCI we will of course expect you to register your students as well.

What we can offer is club insurance, regular courses to help your club and students to progress and a high standard of achievement through teacher courses and grading's.