Brief History Of The Tokushima Budo Council International

The organisations, Tokushima Budo Council International and The Budo Council Of Europe, only came into being because of the vision of one man, namely the late Kancho Alfred Bates Judan Hanshi. Having become increasingly disillusioned with the climate of Martial Arts in England in the mid eighties, he had started to contemplate the giant step of forming his own organisation. However it was not until a journey made in January 1985 that this dream would start to take shape. This trip was to Tokushima, Japan to visit Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. It was during discussions with this great man of Martial Arts, that he was finally to find the impetus to strive forward and make his dream come true. It was both Kenshiro Abbe SenseiÂ’s advice and teachings that were to have such a profound effect on Kancho Alfred Bates that he knew finally the true way forward. During his visit, he was given the names of Sensei Narssens of Brussels and Sensei John Vanderbrugen of Holland, as renowned teachers that would help with the task ahead. These two people were to become very good friends to the T.B.C.I and were pivotal in helping to establish the new, fledgling organisations. So it was with Kenshiro Abbe SenseiÂ’s blessing that a Budo organisation was born that would be dedicated to following and progressing, the teachings of KyuShinDo, in the way that Kancho Bates hoped Kenshiro Abbe Sensei would have approved.

The TBCI started from humble beginnings, but with a will and a faith to succeed. Finances were meagre to say the least, but with help from all directions and friends with the printing of certificates, books etc the path was set. As it transpired there was no cause for concern, for within 6 months of opening, which was in July 1985, the association was so successful that they were able to repay all debts and indeed never looked back. Over the years it has grown from strength to strength having members in all corners of the world. Through the diligent guidance of its founder, it has championed the principles of Kenshiro Abbe SenseiÂ’s theory of KyuShinDo, endeavouring always to follow the true path of Budo along the way.

The association celebrated its 20th year in 2005 of which Kancho Bates played an integral part. But sadly the organisation was to loose two of its longest serving Masters before this event, namely in Sensei Leighton Jenkins Kyudan Hanshi and Sensei Tudor Box Hachidan Hanshi. Both of these gentlemen were life long friends and colleagues of Kancho Bates. Hanshi Leighton Jenkins in particular had been the Chairman of the TBCI for all of those 20 years. Now with the sad passing of Kancho Bates we find the TBCI moving into another cycle, but one that he had prepared his students for, over many years. It will now be through these loyal and trusted followers of the path of KyuShinDo that the Budo Spirit and Principles will be continued within the TBCI. They will do for the memory of Kancho Alfred Bates what he did for the memory of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

As an organisation we fully accept that there are many others out there following the same principles of KyuShinDo, this is the way it should be. The universe is after all a vast place and everywhere you look there are many forms of being. To study these ways is only to further ones understanding. With this understanding comes enlightenment and this is the true aim for us all.

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